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NeEDS (Network of European Data Scientists)

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NeEDS (Network of European Data Scientists)

NeEDS (Network of European Data Scientists) is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under a Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant. The Network consists of six academic (including University of Oxford) and nine industrial participants. The participants combine strong and complementary expertise, within industry sectors ranging from energy, retailing, insurance to banking, as well as national statistical offices. With this composition, NeEDS is in a unique position to deliver cutting-edge multidisciplinary research to advance academic thinking on Data Science in Europe, and to improve the Data Science capabilities of industry and the public sector.

Under an H2020 Programme, Network of European Data Scientists (NeEDS), travelling scholarships are available for Researchers (including faculty members, postdocs, and DPhil students) at the University of Oxford to work with European companies on industrial data science problems. For details, please visit:

There are a wide range of research topics in the context of datascience, ranging from technological developments for big dataapplications, to scholarly investigation into the societal impact of data intelligence and artificial intelligence. The destinations include Demark Statistics (Copenhagen), DSB (Copenhagen), Repsol (Madrid), Geographica (Madrid), Ageas (Brussels), and Centraal Bureau Voor de Statistiek (Heerlen, Den Haag).

If you are interested in the opportunity or wish to find out more about the programme please contact Professor Min Chen.


NeEDS – Network of European Data Scientists