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Oxford e-Research Centre: DPhil in Engineering Science

Engineering abstract structure

DPhil in Engineering Science

The DPhil in Engineering Science offers students the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge, understanding and expertise in a chosen field of engineering research. Students support their research by developing broad skills in relevant areas of mathematical and computational modelling, in the design and build of apparatus, in the development of software, and in data analytics and visualisation.

A key aspect of the research experience in the department is exposure to the broad sweep of today's engineering research. The department’s research groups cluster into the following general areas:

  • thermofluids and turbomachinery
  • solid mechanics and materials
  • civil and offshore
  • information, control and vision
  • electrical and optoelectronic
  • chemical and process
  • energy
  • biomedical engineering

However, the Department of Engineering Science is committed to considering engineering as a unified subject, allowing interdisciplinary research to flourish, both across these areas and to other departments in the University.


Some current specialist areas of study by Oxford e-Research Centre DPhils

  • artificial intelligence & data science
  • machine learning
  • cloud technologies
  • radio interferometric imaging and GPU acceleration
  • computer vision and generative models
  • social data science
  • energy system design
  • information theory and music analysis
  • Computer Engineering