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Oxford e-Research Centre

Case Studies

The case studies on this page showcase the research being done at Oxford e-Research Centre that has been making an impact on the world or local community.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe with Radio Telescopes

Scientific Computing

Xiao Li was always curious about the mysteries of the universe and dreamt one day she would explore it. Now as a DPhil student at the Oxford e-Research Centre, she is contributing to the Square Kilometre Array project. Her work mainly focuses on developing a new imaging pipeline for radio astronomy.

World graphic showing and absolute and Relative temperature increase From 1.5 To 2

Switzerland, UK and Norway "dangerously unprepared" to keep people cool if global target missed

Climate Science

Oxford researchers have predicted the impact of rising temperatures on climate adaptation requirements for cooling on a country-by-country basis if climate targets are missed

BioFAIR logo

UK Research and Innovation announces £34 million to fund BioFAIR

Biological and biomedical sciences

Conceived by ELIXIR-UK, the Centre is a member of, BioFAIR is digital infrastructure to support UK research in biological and biomedical sciences

Oxford MSc in Energy students at Sandford Lock

MSc in Energy Systems at the University of Oxford prepares to enter its fifth year

Energy and environment

Empowering generations to make a global transformation