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Oxford e-Research Centre's work, expertise and research areas

Oxford e-Research Centre

We are a multidisciplinary data science research and education institute, part of the University of Oxford's Department of Engineering Science. We research and implement innovative digital methodologies, information and computational solutions for academic research and industrial applications. Based in Keble Road in Oxford and founded in 2006, The Centre provides a world-leading environment for over 50 staff, including academics, students, data scientists postdocs, as well as professional research software and knowledge engineers, who work together on interdisciplinary projects for the benefit of research and society.

Our expertise spans across data science domains and technologies. Via a broad range of collaborations, we deliver novel methodological, technical, social and policy advancements across disciplines: physical sciences and engineering; arts, humanities and social sciences; energy and environment; the biological and medical sciences; as well as information and library sciences.

Our work is diverse and international. Our academics advise governments and other organisations on strategic data-drive decisions, work with policy makers on open and reproducible science agendas, consult for industry and publishers, collaborate with libraries and research communities around the world. Our academic staff run courses, training modules and events, as well as host and supervise under- and post-graduates, preparing the new generation of data scientists, scholars and entrepreneurs.







Professor Susanna-Assunta Sansone is the University’s Academic Lead for Research Practice in the Research Culture programme of work; she is also the Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre, where she leads the Data Readiness Group. Susanna has worked since 2001 in the areas of data interoperability and reproducibility, research integrity, and the evolution of scholarly publishing, and she collaborates with researchers, service providers, journal publishers, library science experts, funders and learned societies in academic, commercial and government settings alike.

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