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Fourier Domain Acceleration Search

Tests included in the AstroAccelerate FDAS code

There are two tests included with FDAS code. First test verifies the convolution code and second test aims to check whole FDAS algorithm. To perform these test ‘acceleration’ flag must be switched on in input text file and appropriate parameter must be #defined in include/aa_params.hpp. Some basic parameters of these test could be changed in include/aa_fdas_test_parameters.hpp.

Convolution code test

The convolution test consists from a signal which replaces data otherwise produced by the de-dispersion algorithm with a simple test signal which consists from number of top-hat signals of different width and saw-tooth wave. This signal is written into a file 'acc_conv_test_input_signal.dat'. The aim of this test is to verify that convolution result produced by our implementation of overlap-and-save is correctly producing continuous linear convolution. This test signal is then convolved with series of top-hat filters of increasing width. Result of this test is then exported into the file ‘acc_fdas_conv_test.dat’. After exporting this file, code will exit. No data from filterbank file are processed. To enable this test a parameter FDAS_CONV_TEST must be #defined in ‘include/aa_param.hpp’. Parameters of this test are FDAS_TEST_FILTER_INCREMENT which controls how width of the top-hat filters grow with given template index and FDAS_TEST_TOOTH_LENGTH which controls width of tooths in saw-tooth wave (both parameters defined in ‘include/aa_fdas_test_parameters.hpp’). Output of this test is shown in the figure below.

Simple Convolution Test
Tophat Signal