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Oxford e-Research Centre | Research Groups - AstroAccelerate: Features

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AstroAccelerate's aim is to accelerate standard signal-processing techniques used in time-domain radio astronomy and offer novel algorithms and implementation. AstroAccelerate contains GPU accelerated de-dispersion, single pulse search, periodicity search, and Fourier Domain Accelerated Search.

dedispersion example


AstroAccelerate's GPU implementation of de-dispersion is written in CUDA for NVIDIA GPUs and can process 4bit, 8bit, 16bit and 32bit inputs.


Single Pulse Search

Single pulse detection algorithm is used for detection of transients like Fast Radio Bursts or for detection individual pulses of pulsars. AstroAccelerate's single pulse detection is fast, sensitive and it is configurable to detect pulses of any length.

Acceleration Test Plane

Fourier Domain Acceleration Search

Fourier Domain Acceleration Search (FADS) is used to detect pulsars in binary or other gravitationally coupled systems where the signal from the pulsar is modified by Doppler shift and where standard Fourier domain detection of pulsars fails.