Staff profiles


Here you can read profiles of some of our research staff developed for our 10th Anniversary in June 2016, where they describe their history at the Centre and the many diverse and multidisciplinary projects they are working on.

These range from the Square Kilometre Array, building infrastructure for e-Science, developing novel techniques to detect energy theft, investigating human influence on extreme weather events, using visual analytics in cybersecurity, to developing new code which will help us understand what happens when X-rays are used on materials.

Full list of all Centre staff




Iain Emsley, Research Associate 

on re-learning programming, software sustainability and sonification

Matthew Wilcoxson
, Research Software Engineer

on semantically linked data, data mining and AI


Dr David Johnson
, Senior Research Associate / Research Software Engineer

on his recent Teaching Award, ethical and privacy issues around data use - and the abundance of cake at the Centre

Dr Priyasmita Sinha, Data Science Research Associate

on her new role as part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the Centre and fintech Strategic Blue


Dr Neil Ashton, Senior Researcher

on virtual wind-tunnels, digital design processes and working with NASA

Dr Sarah Sparrow, Applications Coordinator for the (CPDN) project

on global volunteers, publishing results in near real-time and the future for climate citizen science at the Centre


Dr Simon Walton, Research Associate

on cybersecurity, visual representations of data - and unlimited free coffee...


Dr. Ségolène Tarte, Senior Researcher

on exploring what it means to be human, visual perception and "black boxes"

Dr Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Research Associate

on user-centred design and evaluation in visualization, Digging into Data, and poetry visualization on the web


 Dr Neil Caithness, Senior Researcher

on detecting energy theft, academic freedoms and doing fieldwork on horseback...


Dr Ian Bush, EPSRC Research Software Engineer Fellow

on developing new code for X-rays, hydrogen fusion power - and winning at chess


Dr Philippe Rocca-Serra, Senior Research Lecturer

on barriers to the communication of scientific results, building infrastructure for e-science and privacy and data protection issues.


Dr Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Research Lecturer

on her recent Kellogg College Junior Research Fellowship, reporting the statistical methods used in data analysis and the technical challenges around data stewardship.


Dr Kevin Page, Senior Researcher

on simulated Martian bases in Utah, designing digital systems that can cope with imperfection and working backstage at the Birmingham Hippodrome


Dr Petar Radanliev, Postdoctoral Research Associate

on harnessing the economic value of the Internet of Things as part of the PETRAS IoT Research Hub.


Dr Stef Salvini, Senior Researcher

on the Square Kilometre Array, Moore's Law - and Monty Python...