Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller

Visiting academic

Terhi is a lecturer in Digital Humanities at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research at the Australian National University. Her research involves the use of Linked Data and semantic web technologies to support and diversity scholarship across a range of topics in the Digital Humanities. She has published (most recently at DH2016) on work concerning bibliographic metadata ontologies, completed as part of and as an extension to the ElEPHãT (Early English Print in HathiTrust: A Linked Semantic Worksets Prototype) project, and on research carried out during the Transforming Musicology project (see for example work completed on the metaMUSAK tool). Her research interests include the representation of the narrative structure, philological, bibliographical, and museological data of ancient Mesopotamian literary compositions using OWL ontologies (started as part of her PhD), and she also has a number of publications on the role gamication and informal online environments can play in facilitating the learning process.

She was selected a Sustainable Software Institute Fellow for 2016.