Leia Yeomans

IT Officer

01865 610739

Technical skills include:

* Desktop and server operating systems including Apple OSX; Linux including centOS, Fedora, RHEL and Ubuntu; Microsoft Windows.
* Directory services including Active Directory.
* Storage including GPFS.
* Virtualization including VMware vSphere and Oracle VM VirtualBox.

And now for the non-technical side.

Before their back went sprong Leia used to climb, play tennis and sail. Leia still cycles each and every day, rides horses when possible, occasionally golfs and really should do more archery and swim more the current level (i.e. 0).

If you want to talk books, film, tabletop games, TV, video games, Leia has either read/played/watched it, or has it on an ever-expanding list of things to do (so best to still mind out for spoilers).