Centre & Strategic Blue to run SMB workshop at CloudForward conference

Centre & Strategic Blue to run SMB workshop at CloudForward conference

The Centre's Cloud Computing Standards Specialist Michel Drescher is speaking at a workshop for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) at the CloudForward conference in Madrid on 18 October, along with Frank Khan Sullivan of Strategic Blue and Frank Bennett of iCloud, Ltd.

This is part of the Centre's Advanced e-infrastructure and Cloud Computing research work led by Professor David Wallom.

The workshop is entitled "From Project to Product: Build Your Business Model" and will engage with SMBs to identify their cloud requirements and matching them with EU project results, including those from participation in the EC cloud clusters activity.

The conference is a forum for presenting and discussing innovative technologies in the area of distributed computing as well as new technologies beyond clouds, ranging from architectures over methodologies to new applications and services, and also hosts a dedicated SMB event to investigate innovative technologies, promote business ideas and foster current game-changers arising on the market.

The workshop will be of benefit to SMBs seeking innovations that are ready for market (or are soon to be ready), matching them with selected EC funded projects that are ending soon and have already compiled a service offering as part of their intended legacy. The Oxford e-Research Centre and Strategic Blue, as two partners from the CloudWATCH2 consortium, will work together with the select group of projects to analyse their product and service portfolio for market readiness, and map these onto similar projects in a larger cloud landscape for signposting cloud standards profile development, supporting projects on the technical level.

The workshop should help projects pitch their ideas, build a business model canvas session, develop a business case starting with the end user problem being addressed, advise on packaging the 'big idea' and enable the cross pollination of ideas for business models between projects as a source of valuable feedback.

Register here for the workshop.

You can follow the conference on Twitter using the hashtag #CloudForward2016 and the CloudWatch Hub @CloudWatchHub.

High growth FinTech Strategic Blue is also partnering with the Centre in a KTP to apply cutting edge data science expertise in cloud ecosystem analysis to enhance the technologies underpinning its financial cloud brokerage services and data analytics products.

Michel Drescher will also be holding a keynote presentation at a further cloud workshop at EIT Digital entitled "International Industry-Academia Workshop on Cloud Reliability and Resilience" taking place on 7-8 November in Berlin. His keynote, "A Tale of Ice and Fire, or: The Cloud and The Standards", will highlight the mechanics of standardisation, and how standardisation can drive business innovation.