Emerging forms of Data and Analytics

Emerging forms of Data and Analytics

The e-Research Centre's Director, Professor David De Roure, presented a talk at this week's "Interdisciplinary Data Resources to Address the Challenges of Urban Living" workshop.

The Urban Big Data Centre hosted the interdisciplinary workshop to discuss the future of complex data for Urban Informatics. Professor De Roure's talk at the workshop focussed on "Emerging forms of Data and Analytics”.

One of the workshop's goals is to develop themes towards a Call for Papers for a journal special issue on novel sources of integrated data on cities, and methods and applications demonstrating advancement of Urban Informatics. The event has also presented the opportunity to launch an exciting UBDC data project (integrated Multimedia City Data – iMCD).

UBDC’s iMCD data consists of a representative household survey on attitudes, values, literacy/learning, sustainability, ICT, social and civic preferences, and a range of behaviours such as mobility and transport (including a travel diary). Furthermore, a subsample of the survey respondents have carried GPS and life logging cameras, and completed an additional activity diary. Uniquely, this primary data collection is also supplemented by both visual and textual Internet-based data to provide a wider contextual backdrop for the period of a year around the time when the survey data was collected, including social media and multi-media sources.

The integrated data resource also includes a sensor-based data strand with collections of data from meteorological (weather) sensors, traffic sensors and other environmental and remote sensing data. For more information see the integrated Multimedia City Data Project web page.