A scrap over papyrus

A scrap over papyrus

The Artemidorus Papyrus has been -on and off- in the news' spotlight for about 6 years now. The reason for this is that a controversy has emerged amongst scholars as to its authenticity. 

The Italian press in particular has been regularly reporting the scholarly jousts between those who believe the ancient document to be a 19th century forgery and those who trust that the papyrus is a 1st century AD. 

In the lastest of the Italian media coverage, the work of the e-Research Centre's Dr Ségolène Tarte on the papyrus, which supports arguments in favour of authenticity, is described as below: 


The reconstruction proposed by D'Alessio was also confirmed by a spectacular experiment reported in "Historia". Ségolène Tarte, French scholar specializing in the relationship between digital images and reality, presented an avatar of the papyrus, rebuilt based on the "mirror traces", which is one of the most controversial points. 


See the full article, in Italian here: http://espresso.repubblica.it/dettaglio/botte-da-orbi-per-un-papiro/2203743//0