SOCIAM videos now online

SOCIAM videos now online

Videos from a SOCIAM All-Hands meeting held earlier this year are now available to view online. Eighteen different talks are available, presenting different strands of the research undertaken as part of the EPSRC-funded project "SOCIAM: the Theory and Practice of Social Machines", a collaboration between the universities of Oxford, Southampton, and Edinburgh.

The term “Social Machine” is an expression that fires up the imagination, and people often have an instinctive understanding of what social machines are. Yet, when attempting to define them and to find a common understanding of what social machines are, they prove elusive. the £12M SOCIAM research programme aims to provide society with the ability to build the next generation of ‘social machines’, with capabilities ranging from solving routine tasks to handling emergencies.

Led by Nigel Shadbolt from the University of Southampton, SOCIAM involves David De Roure and Chris Lintott from the University of Oxford, as well as Peter Buneman and Dave Robertson from the University of Edinburgh. The talks now available online each examine different strands of the project and provide a fascinating picture of progress at the 1.5-year mark within this 5-year project.

As well as watching the videos you can also follow the progress of the project, access the publications, and keep updated with our current events at the SOCIAM Website ( or via the Twitter hashtag #sociam

SOCIAM: Setting The Scene Nigel Shadbolt
Zooniverse: Through the observatory Markus Luczak-Roesch
Web Observatory: Analysis of social machines Ramine Tinati
Social Machines Stethescopes David De Roure
A web of observatories Thanassis Tiropanis
Classifying social machines Paul Smart & Elena Simperl
On sociality in social machines Segolene Tarte
Annotation: A medium of communication? Peter Buneman
Provenance: privacy, trust, and accountability Luc Moreau
State, data and social computation Dave Robertson
Building parasitic social machines with LSC Dave Murray-Rust
Interacting through past and future social machines Max van Kleek
INDX Personal Data Store Daniel Smith
Personal Data Store demo Max van Kleek
Social machines and health Claudia Pagliari
Social science collaborations David de Roure
Hunting planets with topology Jacek Brodzki
SOCIAM collaboration: the policing domain Kieron O'Hara