Professor De Roure: New & emerging forms of data: past, present & future

Professor De Roure: New & emerging forms of data: past, present & future

Professor David De Roure gave the keynote talk at an event organised by the National Centre for Research Methods recently.

The event at the University of Manchester on 19th January, "Streaming into the future: An agenda setting workshop", brought together social and data scientists with the aim of exchanging ideas and developing the agenda for the social and behavioural sciences. It included presentations on cutting edge methods and new research questions made possible by these data and breakout groups where the organisers drew out key themes and future methodological research agenda.

Professor De Roure's talk, on "New and Emerging Forms of Data: Past, Present, and Future", gave perspectives from his role as one of the ESRC Strategic Advisors for Data Resources, in which he was responsible for new and emerging forms of data and realtime analytics. The talk also included some of the current work the e-Research Centre is engaged in on Social Machines (through the SOCIAM project) and an introduction to the PETRAS Internet of Things project.

The subject raises a number of important issues looking ahead, including the massive scale of data already being supplied by the Internet of Things, the implications of automation in our research, reproducibility and confidence in research results. Professor De Roure also explored how the new forms of data and new research methods can enable social scientists to work in new ways, and asked whether we can move on from the dependence on traditional investment in longitudinal studies.

The National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) was set up in 2004 to increase the quality and range of methodological approaches used by UK social scientists through a programme of training and capacity building, and to drive forward methodological development and innovation through its own research programme. From October 2014 NCRM formed a partnership between three institutions with international reputations in methodological research and training in the social sciences: the University of Southampton, the University of Manchester and the University of Edinburgh.

See the slides from Professor De Roure's talk here.