Centre wins best paper award at IEEE Visual Analytics Conference

Centre wins best paper award at IEEE Visual Analytics Conference

A paper written by Professor of Scientific Visualization Min Chen with Gary Tam (Swansea University) and Vivek Kothari (University of Oxford), has received Best Paper at the IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (IEEE VAST).

IEEE VAST - the leading international conference dedicated to advances in visual analytics - is one of the streams of IEEE VIS 2016, was held in Baltimore from 23-28 October. The forum includes programmes for students, academics, artists, industry and commercial practitioners, government researchers, and anyone with interests in visualization and data analytics.

The paper, entitled "An analysis of machine- and human-analytics in classification", will appear in a special January 2017 issue of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, along with other papers that exhibit the highest quality in terms of originality, rigor and significance. The paper presents a study which traces the technical and cognitive processes in two visual analytics applications to a common theoretic model of soft knowledge, that may be added into a visual analytics process for constructing a decision-tree model. The paper provides interconnected empirical and theoretical evidence to support the usefulness of visual analytics.

Professor Chen also gave a half day tutorial on Information Theory in Visualization at the main IEEE VIS conference, and presented a new paper on visualization processes.

In the tutorial, Professor Chen, along with Mateu Sbert (University of Girona, Tianjin University), Anton Bardera (University of Girona), Han-Wei Shen (The Ohio State University), Miquel Feixas (University of Girona) and Ivan Viola (TU Wien), reviewed a variety of applications of information theory in visualization. The holistic nature of information-theoretic reasoning has enabled many such applications, ranging from light placement to view selection, from feature highlighting to transfer function design, from data fusion to visual multiplexing.The Oxford e-Research Centre is an international leader in several areas of visualization, including theory of visualization, video visualization, and knowledge-assisted visualization.

The paper presented by Professor Chen was co-authored with Amos Golan of the American University and the Santa Fe Institute. Entitled "What May Visualization Processes Optimize?", it was published in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume: 22, Issue: 12, Dec 2015.