Supercomputers: What are they and what can they do for research?

February 28, 2017 - 17:00 to 19:00
Haldane Room, Wolfson College

Linton Road, Oxford OX2 6UD

  • Seminar
  • No booking required
  • Open to all

Modern advances in the computing power of desktops and clusters may leave users wondering whether supercomputers still serve a purpose for research.

This seminar will bring together local experts in high-performance computing from the Oxford e-Research Centre, Oxford University's Advanced Research Computing service, and the Diamond Light Source facility at Harwell for an overview of what these machines are and what they can do for research across the whole range of academic disciplines.

The event, which is being convened by Professor David Robey, will take place on Tuesday 28th February, 5-7pm, in the Haldane Room at Wolfson College.

The seminar will consist of a series of short presentations and discussion.

Speakers include:

Dr Ian Bush (EPSRC RSE Fellow, Oxford e-Research Centre): High Performance Computing - A Layman's Introduction

Dr Steven Young (Acting Head, Oxford University Advanced Research Computing): HPC services for Oxford researchers

Dr Wes Armour (Oxford e-Research Centre): HPC and Scientific Computing at the Oxford e-Research Centre

Dr Andrew Richards (Head of Scientific Computing, Diamond Light Source, Harwell and Visiting Academic at the e-Research Centre: HPC and Synchrotron Science - Making Diamond Work, from operation to research

Professor David Robey (Wolfson and Oxford e-Research Centre) - convenor

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